New Balance Numeric Australia Drop ‘Gazette’ Vid

In terms of intros, this new New Balance vid is taking home the gold. I could watch a fellow lose boards to Sydney’s Blackwattle bay for hours.

But Gazette is more than just wet skateboards and delicious frustration. Filmed and edited by Cameron Sparkes, Gazette is 13:26 minutes of good times and incredible skating in (mostly) what has to be one of the world’s top-five most skateable cities: Sydney. Featuring Jack Paterson, Sean Ryan and appearances by Riwaz Kazi, Jett Stanton, Aidan Ouma-Machio, Cody Riley, Tyrone Sutherland, and Karl Dorman, Gazette is… Just watch it. It’s great.

Sean Ryan, Frontside Flip. Photo: Sam Coady.

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