Neverland Zine’s Acid Solution

Neverland Zine is making t-shirts that call for the feeding of LSD to police.

Would this fix anything? Possibly. We all know what happens to the military when they take acid (below), so there’s a good chance it’ll work on the cops too. To be clear, we don’t endorse drugging the police of anyone, but it’s an interesting notion—and not a new one.

I interviewed Grace Slick, lead singer of the Jefferson Airplane, back when I had a zine (Wooooo Mag), and we talked about the time she and Abbie Hoffman almost spiked President Nixon’s tea in 1970. Can you even imagine what would’ve happened if Nixon had a dose of LSD howling through his system? Anyway, the cops. Should they be fed acid? Would it help? The guys at Neverland think so, and they’re printing it on t-shirts.

Head over to @neverlandzine and get in their DMs. All proceeds are being donated to and distributed by BLM.

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