Neverendin' Movie Trailer


I’m kinda–KINDA–friends with Damo Suzuki, lead singer of 60s/70s experimental Free interracial dating apps rock group CAN…I interviewed him once…on the phone… To be honest, I hardly know him; we’ve never shook hands. Why am I trying to impress you anyway? It’s not like you ever did shit. Whatever, I know him, and he sends the occasional email and I crow about it to all my friends because I’m pathetic. Fuck you. So Damo is a ‘sound carrier’ and he wants you to be one too. He also wants you to check out the trailer for the doco that’s being made about him:

Jason, you total stud! This year is almost gone and a new year just standing in front of your door. Wish you having an amazing holiday season and wish you all thinkable goodness for you in future. This world will be better, I feel. Because, many people have been awake for the truth and check through Internet and banded books. My friend Francesco, Milano sent me his “Never Ending Movie” Teaser to share to friends. Francesco is doing this project “Never Ending Movie” that is the documentation of my “Never Ending Tour. If you have some documentation of Damo Suzuki’s Network, please contact me, I’ll inform his mail address. You take just around 3 minutes….

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