'Nah, dude, they kicked me out. Whatever.'

Never Work From Home Again With Nissan’s New Concept Camper Van

The Nissan x OGUshow NV350 Caravan ES Mobility Concept isn’t just a silly name, it’s also your new home.

That’s right, your father and I want you to move out. You’re 32 and you’ve been leeching off us long enough, you little shit. Sling your hook and fuck off with Nissan’s NV350 Caravan OGUshow ES Mobility Concept vehicle—or ‘Workation,’ as they’re trying to call it. Beginning with the boxy Japanese-market NV350 Caravan GX, OGUshow set about creating a new breed of MPV. The Workation isn’t a package so much as a preview of available, upcoming and potential ‘ES’ components that would allow OGUshow customers to build out their own multifunctional van.

‘Hey, guess what? I got kicked out.’

The Nissan x OGUshow NV350 Caravan ES Mobility Concept features ES flip bed (allowing for plenty of load space and multiple layout options); a rear window drop-down shelf that functions as a laptop desk, countertop, side table, tablet stand, dedicated Soda Stream area or whatever; a versatile mobile workstation with legs that curve away from your balls; dual portable power stations; a portable camping stove and an electric fridge/freezer; floor-mounted bicycle rack; electric rear window on the left side, with the right-side window fully covered over (blackout for a decent night’s sleep); a choice of 129-hp 2.0-liter gas or 127-hp 2.5-liter diesel engine; two interior headliner racks; a simple tailgate sunshade; and a bong and a beanbag. Watch the video below and start packing your shit before I throw it all out on the nature strip.

‘Why don’t mum and dad love me anymore?’

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