Here’s Our Picks For The Nat Geo Photo Comp


We’ve curated our favourite entrants  from this year’s Nat Geo Travel Photo of the Year comp.

Please keep in mind this ‘curation’ comes from an individual who likes to get pavement low to get those best angles, and who once went to a photography course and forgot their camera but did get some amazing puddle-reflection photos with a point and shoot that were complimented by all the over 50’s in the class. Enjoy these sexy shots around the globe.

On Guard by Reynold Dewantara (above, duh)

Javanese John Wayne taking care of business during Mt. Bromo eruption in Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia.


Arctic Surf by Konsta Linkola

Escape the crowd. Go to Norway. Freeze your balls off.


Jonas Blizzard and the Flatiron Building by Michele Palazzo

Taking in New York during the storm that hit the East Coast hard. The kebab truck creates an Impressionist art feel to the picture.


Holi Festival by Claudio Ceriali

Winner winner chicken dinner right here amigos.


The Wall of Icons by Romaine W.

Cuban OG having a Cuban in his front room in Havana, full of revolutionary fighters and leaders and global style icons. Pretty sure I saw Che at the pub at lunchtime.


Time To Go Home 07 by David Nam Lip Lee

Bangladesh looks like a bonkers land where all young boys can fulfil their dreams of dicking around on top of moving trains. In Australia you get fined for putting your feet on the seats. Go figure.


Woman on Bench, El-Rcif Square, Fes by Tom Stahl

After seeing the composition of this photo in a medina in Fes, Morocco, photographer Tom Stahl waited three days for someone to come sit down and complete the picture. Thank you ma’am, it was worth it.


I am not Superman by Achmad Sumawijaya 

This cow mud race (called Pacu Jawi) in West Sumatra, is done on two ski type things, with two horses. Melbourne Cup? You know nothing Jon Snow.


River Delta 6 by Stephen King (no not that Stephen King)

If the stormwater/sewerage runoff sludge at the beach was a pretty as this, we’d happily opt for a cheeky dip with a side of  ear infection. Unfortunately for us, this is Southern Iceland and the insane colours are made by the mineral deposits being picked up by the icy cold water.


God is Observing by Giandomenico Cosentino

Thomas is 6 years old and can still clean his dad’s truck after a whole day transporting horses from Chile to Cachi, Argentina. But no please, don’t get up off the couch. You’ve had a long day of emailing.


Snowy Bride by Stephane Mangin

The only day of snow that fell for the entire year, in Tokyo. If any friend/fiance/sister/etc. starts to bitch and moan about their wedding day, please show above and say shhhh.

For a less nerdy and heaps awesome photography comp, stay tuned for the MC 2016 Photo Comp, coming soon to a viewfinder near you.

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