Motörhead x Run Amok

When I grew up and became the hairy freak that I am today, I realized that the best bands were the ones that scared me as a child.

I saw Motörhead on an episode of The Young Ones when I was seven, and they were utterly terrifying. The music was fast, harsh and loud, and the band looked like the kind of people you might see hitchhiking but would never pick up. Now though, I’m all grown up, and I get it. Motörhead is amazing. And they’re amazing to listen to when you run. I should know—I listen to them when I run. And if I want to go fast like a fast boy, I listen to Motörhead (if I wish for an injury, I listen to Slayer).

Speaking of running and Motörhead… Roark’s running line, Run Amok, has just released a collab capsule with Motörhead so that when you tie on your shoes and head out for a run, all the people will know that you are a fast boy. The range includes tops, shorts, socks, caps, and a whole bunch of other stuff you can score at Get on it while stocks last.

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