Mornings With Andreea Diaconu

There’s not much Andreea Diaconu can’t do.

Bag covers of international fashion magazines while dedicating her efforts to charity work? Yep. Karate chop you into next year? Check. Speak five languages? Oui. That’s why we weren’t all that surprised when we asked the Romanian model to curate our latest Apple Music playlist, and she came back with this eclectic mix she refers to simply as ‘Mornings’. Whatever your music tastes, we can give you one guarantee when it comes to Andreea’s playlist—any day started with her dreamy selection of tracks is sure to be a fine day indeed. 

Head on over to our Apple Music curators page here to hit play on ‘Mornings’, along with playlists from Dane Reynolds, Miso, Stephanie Gilmore, Lauren Winzer, John Gourley, Austyn Gilette, and so many more.

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