Monster Children Films and Vendetta Films Present ‘Rabbit’

Psychological thriller Rabbit explores the telepathic powers of a pair of identical twins, Maude and Cleo, who find each other through a series of visions and nightmares.

One returns from Germany to Adelaide to attempt to locate her twin, who has been missing for a year after disappearing without a trace. Though Rabbit was filmed before the hugely successful The Handmaid’s Tale series, both share a deep sense of impending dystopian doom, their plausibility only strengthened by today’s extremely unstable political climate.

“It’s funny because when we go to market the film, some people call it a horror film and some people call it a psychological thriller because there’s no huge horror moments—but the film is horrific, and I think that’s the same with Handmaid’s Tale, too,” director Luke Shanahan told us in a recent interview for Monster Children #58. “I think there’s an idea around the world at the moment—and I don’t know if it’s anything to do with governments in some certain countries—that everyone’s sort of a bit cynical and fearing this idea that things are going on behind closed doors.”

Described as a “brilliantly shot mind fuck”, Rabbit premiered at Melbourne International Film Festival to rave reviews, named as one of the MIFF’s top 10 films by festival director Michelle Carey. After winding its way around the festival circuit taking audiences by storm with its 70’s euro aesthetic and loud brash industrial score, we’re chuffed to announce that Monster Children Films and Vendetta Films will be partnering up to bring Rabbit to a screen near you. See the Australian screening dates below, and keep an eye out for more screenings to be announced in the coming days. Don’t miss it.

Thursday 30 August
Sydney – Dendy Newtown, 7pm. Tickets HERE
Adelaide – GU Film House, 7pm. Tickets HERE
Friday 31 August
Melbourne – Cinema Nova, 6.45pm. Tickets HERE

For an in-depth look at all things Rabbit, grab a copy of MC Issue 58 right here.

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