Mikey Wright on Location in Hawaii

If you follow Mikey on Instagram, there’s a good chance you’ve seen none of the above.

You’ll have seen him hunting pigs, fishing, and camping (with the occasional three-course grill from all that game he’s caught). And that’s a pleasure because what Mikey and Wade Carroll have gone and done here, is saved ALL of his surfing from Hawaii, paired it with some hell for leather music, and released it as a film. No, not a vlog, no airs, and no fucking stupid shit you don’t want to watch. Just good, honest power surfing. We advise you to watch it on as big a screen your beady little square eyes can find, with the music up loud and a beer in your hand. All for free.

Film and edit by Wade Carroll
Additional footage: Cole Yamane, Daniel Russo
Music: The Dolphins by Fred Neil, Spacegrass by Clutch

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