Mike From Stranger Things Just Signed a Record Deal

The talent Gods obviously don’t mind playing favourites.

Finn Wolfhard, AKA Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things, is a manboy of many talents. Not only does he star in one of the biggest TV series of the last decade, he also just signed a record deal with Royal Mountain records for his four-piece band, Calpurnia. He is also the ancient age of 14-years-old. This simultaneously amazes and devastates me.

Royal Mountain Records’ roster currently boasts Mac DeMarco, PUP, and METZ, among others. In fact, the band formed after Wolfhard met drummer Malcolm Craig on the set of a PUP music video. Their debut EP will be produced by none other than Twin Peaks vocalist, Cadien Lake James. Of the news, Wolfhard said, “It is so sweet that we have such a good team at Royal Mountain Records. I love everyone on it. I’m extremely excited to record our EP with Cadien Lake James. Not only is he in one of my favourite bands of all time, and recorded some of my favourite songs, but he is also the sweetest guy ever. Thanks everyone so much who helped us out along the way, it means the world. <3”

Is there anything Finn Wolfhard can’t do? Also, is that really his name? I mean, come on. Choose Finn, or Wolf, or Hard, but really, all three? What are you trying to prove, Mike? We get it. You’re cooler than us.

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