Michael Jordan’s Game-Worn Sneakers Sell for $560,000

A signed pair of 1985 Air Jordan 1s broke an auction record for stuuuuupid on Sunday.

The autographed, game-worn sneakers from Jordan’s rookie season sold at Sotheby’s auction for $560,000, breaking the previous record for a sneaker (in 2019 a Nike Moon Shoe prototype that went for $437,500. Dumb) The record-breaking Nike Air Jordan 1s are the same color scheme as the Chicago Bulls uniform and they feature some squiggly lines that Jordan did with a marker on an upper red panel. The shoe is part of a signature line that Nike created for Jordan to persuade him to sign a deal with the sportswear company. And someone paid over half a million fucking dollars for them. Sotheby’s is not naming the buyer but I’m gonna go ahead and say his name Silly-Billy McDumbasfuck. And y’all thought that Bob Dylan thing was crazy. Interesting to note, one shoe is 13.5 and the other is 13. Michael Jordan has two different sized feet. That’s interesting.

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