Mexico Thing: Part One

Photos and captions by Ben Pier

Our buddy the photographer Ben Pier went to Mexico and all we got were these photos.

Which is fine. We did put in an order for a sombrero and some off-brand Adderall, but we got these photos instead. Which is fine. Here’s the correspondence between us and Ben leading up to his trip:

Ben: Hey, I’m gonna drive from LA to Baja Mexico with the homeboy in my van and cruise thru Tijuana, Rosarito, and Ensenada. You want anything while I’m there?
MC: Yes, a sombrero and some Adderall.
Ben: Copy that. I’ll take some photos too. I can write some captions for the photo selects if you want.
MC: Sounds good. Who’s the homie?
Ben: My barber.

This is me and James. He flew in from NYC to do the little Baja Mexico adventuring with me. No plan really. We stopped at a bar called Knuckle Heads in San Clemente on the way down. This was taken there by the bartender. Yes, the hang is as good as the name.

This is my van. It was given to me by a friend’s band that stopped touring because of COVID and BABIES.

The only tip I ever got about driving thru Mexico was ‘Never drive at night.’ A wise old surfer told me that when I moved to LA once. Oh well.

Had to stop and grab some grub from La Estancia en Rosarito. Muy romantico.

Instantly met the best crew at the first bar we tried. These dudes kinda suck at pool but rule at partying.

Mad cuties being cute.

Woke up to this killer view from my hotel room. Authentic experience.

Stood in the world’s slowest moving line. Got the world’s greatest taco. Tacos El Yaqui. No joke. Worth the drive down for the taco Perrón alone. If you don’t believe me I’ll go there with you and we can see what’s up. @ me.

Cruised around for a bit grabbing some snaps, seeing the sights and smelling the smells.

Dos Oysters.
Al fresco candy.
Wtf beach.

Not sure if this is an ad for a strip club or like a bunch of bad girls got together to buy a truck but either way yes.

We decided to cut bait and drive to Ensenada.

Godamn right.

Drove the Vandemc straight to this bar called Hussong’s Cantina. Hussong’s is the oldest cantina in Baja. It opened in 1892 and might be my favorite bar in 2022. As the Mariachi are blowing minds, this old-timer comes out and does rope tricks to a standing ovation. It was so fun I forgot we didn’t have a hotel booked for the night.

Luckily, some dude at the cantina knew of a mellow spot to post up for the night. Hotel Bahia. I wouldn’t take a lady friend here but it was plenty fine for two dumb dudes with bad tattoos and nerdy camera set ups. James was super bummed his TV didn’t work.

Next week: More random-ass shit from Ben’s trip to Mexico.

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