Melvins to Release Unplugged Album

A million years ago, I interviewed King Buzzo for an aborted issue of my zine, Wooooo Magazine.

In the interview, I ask Buzzo if the Melvins wouldn’t mind performing their song ‘Night Goat’ at my funeral. Buzzo said, ‘Oh, sure, we’d love to,’ in that sarcastic way he says things sometimes. ‘But wait,’ I said, ‘there’s more,’ and then I detailed the full service, which included me done up as Dracula in an open casket positioned before the band at the front of the church. As the band chugged through ‘Night Goat’, a hidden system of wires would slowly draw my corpse out of the coffin, fly me over the heads of the congregation, out the church doors and up the front wall of the cathedral to the spire, where I would burst into flames at the song’s crescendo. ‘I’ve got a better idea,’ said Buzzo, ‘what if at the end of the song, I stake you through the heart with my guitar!’ I swear, this conversation really happened. I have the audio on a hard drive somewhere. Anyway, if I pass away before the Melvins, Buzzo and the band have to play my favourite song, ‘Night Goat’, at the funeral.

Now, Melvins news: the band are releasing a 36-track album of acoustic numbers—if you can believe that—including ‘Night Goat’ (below), a bunch of Melvins classics, and some super-random covers including ‘Charlie’ by Redd Kross, ‘Outside Chance’ by The Turtles, the Rolling Stones’ ‘Sway’, and Harry Nilsson’s ‘Everybody’s Talking’ (the song from Midnight Cowboy). ‘I knew I wanted to do something ridiculously big,’ said Buzzo in a statement. ‘36 songs reimagined by us acoustically is certainly ridiculous but it works. The magic of the songs is still there regardless of it being acoustic. Since we weren’t touring we had the time to do something of this size. I’m very excited about this record.’ The record (or records—there’s 4 of them) is called Five Legged Dog and is available for preorder here.

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