Meet the Teenage Karate Prodigy Who Lets Senior Citizens Kick His Ass

Jeff Wall was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame at just 10 years old.

We’re first introduced to the teenage karate prodigy in Sindha Agha’s new short film, Golden Age Karate, through both Jeff and his mother’s retelling of a growing up in the dojo. (His mother had to discourage a primary school-aged Jeff from coming to everyone’s aid in the playground, telling him ‘We’ll lose our home if you break somebody’s nose, okay?’)

Though his achievements in the sport would warrant a short film of their own, it’s Jeff’s idea to pass along his expertise to a community nursing home that makes this my favourite short film I’ve seen in a while. After spending his weekends teaching his grandma self-defence, Jeff began teaching karate classes at a local nursing home, teaching them karate moves but more importantly, giving them independence, connection, and the chance to kick a black belt karate master’s ass for a few minutes at the end of class. The world needs more Jeffs.

Hit play on Golden Age Karate above.

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