Meet the Residents of the ‘Most Contaminated Place in America’

Cancer Alley is the story of the most contaminated place in America and the people who live there.

In the new short film (which credits Stephen Curry as executive producer), we meet the people of St. James, Louisiana, who live alongside some of the largest petrochemical plants in the country. Toxic pollution is spewed out into the air constantly—pollution that contains some of the most carcinogenic chemicals known to man.

For many who live in the so-called ‘Cancer Alley,’ leaving town is simply not an option. But staying means being 50 to 500 times more likely to get cancer than the average American. In the film we see residents rattling off family members and friends who have died from a plethora of different cancers, including a young girl named Nayve whose says her constant asthma attacks feel like she ‘can’t breathe at all and it’s hard to catch a breath… it’s almost like you’re drowning’.

And with the state of Louisiana giving their full endorsement this year for a new 14-plant-in-one facility to be constructed in St. James Parish, it’s only set to get worse, with the film stating that toxic emissions will double in the area. A confronting but important watch—hit play on Cancer Alley above.

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