Meet Our Bright Young Things for 2022

Presented by Sun Bum 

Bright Young Things 2022 is here: a handpicked group of our favourite young surfers, skaters, musicians, artists, filmmakers, photographers, and creative all-rounders right now.

From a nine-year-old girl who makes skating vert look like child’s play to the longboarding queen of Sayulita, we’ve scoured the waves, skateparks, studios, and YouTube accounts of the world to find young guns who don’t just do their ‘thing’ better than everyone else—they do it with style, and that’s why we like ‘em.

Without further ado, McGoo, our class of 2022: Aidan Ouma-Machio, Aishah Kenton, Beckah Amani, Eliza Gosse, Gage Crismond, James J. Robinson, Lola Mignot, Mia Boe, Naquan Rollings, Nicole Hause, Noah Mahieu, Pero Šimić, Rasmus King, Reese Nelson, Riwaz Kazi, Royel Otis, Samira Winter, Sierra Lerback, and Tom Morat.

Have a scroll through our Bright Young Things here.

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