Meet a ‘Professional Loser’ of Boxing

What do you call a professional boxer with a career record of 10 wins, 3 draws and 140 losses?

No, not a loser: a journeyman. Enter, Lewis ‘Poochi’ Van Poetsch, a professional ‘journeyman’ who travels across the UK to fight away from home, with the assumption that he’ll probably be taking the L at the end of the night.

‘I’m not there necessarily to win the fight, I’m just there to put on a show, make it entertaining and if I win, unlucky for them,’ Poochi says in the short film from director Robin Mason. ‘9 times out of 10, proven by my record, I’ll lose. So everyone goes home happy in that scenario. I get my cut, promoter gets his cut, and all of his mates and his friends and family who’ve bought a ticket to see this lad win a fight go home happy. The more fights you’re losing, the more work you’re getting.’

After realising around the age of 21 he’d prefer his boxing with a side of beers at the pub and lads holidays, Poochi fell into the role of journeyman, allowing him to still compete full-time in the sport he loves without having to sacrifice his entire personal life for the slim chance of glory. A professional sports story that’s about the love of the sport over the slog of winning? Love to see it. Hit play on Welcome to the Pros to watch Poochi get ready for another almost certain loss in the ring, and not really give too many fucks about it.

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