McSweeny’s Catalogue Trump’s Reign of Yuck

Remember when we found out he only paid $750 in taxes?

When was that, 1987? Nope. That scandalous shit was published by The New York Times at the end of September. It’s been less than two months and we’ve all kinda forgot about it because he’s creating news faster than it can be properly digested. That’s his magic: do crazy stuff at a rate of knots and keep everyone’s heads spinning. Clever. Cunning. However, he didn’t consider that maybe someone would collate his ‘cruelties, collisions, corruptions, and crimes’ and release them in one mindboggling timeline.

McSweeny’s have published Lest We Forget The Horrors, a tidy and very lengthy (978 entries) catalogue of all Trump’s bullshit from calling Obama’s citizenship into question (2011) to putting democracy through a woodchipper by not conceding (2020). It’s easily one of the most insane things you will have ever read (and lived through) and I urge you to share it with as many people as possible so that none of us ever forget what a sinister and very poisonous toad he is. Check it out here, or download a printable PDF version here.

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