MC Photo Comp: Staff Picks of the Week

The 10th Annual MC Photo Comp has only been open for just one week, and look at what’s already rolled in.

As if eternal bragging rights weren’t enough (they’re not, we’ve all gotta eat), we’ve got $30,000 up for grabs for the six talented winners of this thing. It’s open for just TWO more weeks, and if that doesn’t light a fire under your butt to start digging through your hard drives, then maybe our staff picks will.

We combed through the six categories (Lifestyle, Student, Shot on Mobile, Action, Music and Travel) to find a few favourites so far, and you can check them out below. Not before you head to to enter your best shots though.

Shot on Mobile presented by Boost Mobile 

Angeline le Coore @angeline_lc

Danny Nieves @danny_nieves

Kim Fardy @kim_fardy

Student presented by Sun Bum

Logan Wallace @brodielo

Blake Barnell @blakebarnellphoto

Ivan Sukhov @suxovv

Travel presented by Slow & Low

Eduardo Acierno @eduardoacierno

Brie Lakin @brielakin

Doug Robichaud @killerdogma

Action presented by G-Shock

Kaden Prado @still_kade

David Brailey @david_brailey

Matthew Williams @mattywilliamsphoto

Lifestyle presented by Pub Beer 

Evan Hutchings @evan_hutchings

Kyle Hofsass @kshofsass

Liam Budd @liambudd

Music presented by Beats by Dr Dre

Monika Smith

Neal Walters @nealwalters_

Tim Lambert @timlambert_

Enter your best shots here to win a slice of $30,000!

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