MC Photo Comp: Staff Picks of the Week

The 10th Annual Monster Children Photo Competition is wrapping in 5 days.

No shit. It’s almost over. At midnight on October 31, the 10th Annual Monster Children Photo Competition will be done and dusted and our judges will begin the arduous, thankless, tedious task of sifting through the many thousands of images to select the lucky (talented) winners (legends). So far the entries have been brilliant. There were a couple of shitty ones, but for the most part they’ve been terrific and, most importantly, from not just the year 2020. There have been photos entered from as far back as 1989 (not really, but we need to make a point), and we mention this because someone wrote to ask if they could enter photos not taken this year… OF COURSE, YOU CAN! Enter photos of the birth of Jesus if you got ’em, we don’t care. We just wanna see your best photos!

Enter your best snaps into the competition HERE, and check out our staff picks below (not neccesarily winners, just ones the staff kinda like). You gotta be in it to win it, so start clickin’.

Travel presented by Slow & Low 

Jamie Gray @jamjee

Kate Murphy @_.katiemurphy._

Jeremy Le Chatelier @jeremylechatelier

Shot on Mobile presented by Boost Mobile

Raoul Slater @raoulslater

Kate Berry @katebe_

Yannick Roedel @yannick.rdl

Lifestyle presented by Pub Beer

James Giles @ejamesgiles

Tomas Hein @tomas__hein 

Benjamin Miles Littler @thereluctantastronaut

Music presented by Beats by Dre

Lauren Connolly @_lalaphoto

Tyhe Reading @tyhe_reading

Georgia Griffiths @georgiajanegriffiths

Action presented by G-Shock


Cheryl Dunn @cheryldunn

Tal Roberts @talroberts

Student presented by Sun Bum

Jacob Wallwork @jay__doubleyou

Luca Kuppelwieser @lucakuppelwieser

Daphne Rae @daphneraert

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