MC Photo Comp Shortlist: Music

Our top 10 music photos are here!

It’s always a hotly contested category, but this year’s Music category presented by Beats by Dr Dre was positively steamy. We can’t reveal the winner or finalists just yet (event details to come, stay tuned) but see if you can pick it in the mix below. Thanks to our Music sponsor Beats by Dr Dre and most of all, you little snappers who entered in your best photos. Stay tuned for the rest of our category shortlist reveals from Action, Lifestyle, Shot on Mobile, Travel and Student.

Rae Begley @rae_begley

Lachie Townsend @lachietphoto

Cory Gehr @corygehr

Paigge Warton @paigge

Stephen Boxshall @halo1469

Tom Healy @tomhealy

Brittany Long @simplyphotographz

Chris Frape @chris_frape_photo

Daniel Patlán @desde_1989

Paigge Warton @paigge

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