MC Photo Comp: Lifestyle Shortlist

Whittling down thousands of entries to just 10 is no easy feat, but we did it.

While we mop our brows, put our feet up and crack a congratulatory cold one, you should definitely scroll on to see the 10 photos that blew us away in the Lifestyle category of the 2020 MC Photo Comp, presented by Pub Beer. In this group of 10, there’s 4 finalists and 1 winner—but we’re not gonna tell you who they are until the big reveal in the first week of December (more details to come, stay tuned on that). Thanks to everyone who entered the Lifestyle category, and make sure you check out our Music shortlist while you wait for our favourites from the Travel, Student, Action, and Shot on Mobile categories.

Julie Chandelier @julie_chandelier

Evan Hutchings @evan_hutchings

Nick Sullivan @nickjsullivan

Julian Schulz

Tom Pearsall @driftwoodphotography_mr

Brad Royine @bradroyine_photography

Simon Frank @simon__frank__

Benjamin Miles Littler @thereluctantastronaut

Laura Fairclough @alotlikelaura

Rene van Wonderen @renewillem

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