MC Jumps Splendour 2019

Are you going to Splendour in the Grass this year?

We are! We’re heading back to our yurt in the North Byron Parklands to bring you The Daily Splendour for the fourth year running, and we’re going to need some cold beers, Berocccas, an exorcist, double-jointed wrists, and a decent playlist to see us through it.

We’ve put together the best of the best from our favourite artists on the lineup; everyone from Dave to Tropical Fuck Storm to SZA to Pist Idiots, and more. It’s the only playlist you’ll need to prep yourself for a huge weekend… or on your speakers at home, far away from the fun, sipping on a hot mug of FOMO.

Listen to MC Jumps Splendour 2019 right here on Apple Music. It’s free!

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