The 55th Issue of Monster Children hits the Shelves

The Magazine

One of the many beauties of Monster Children is that we can literally put anything we like in the magazine and it works—it’s the Abdul’s Mixed Business of magazines! Luckily for you, we’ve got flawless taste and the latest patchwork quilt of an issue is no exception.

Andrew Quilty.
Stanislava Pinchuk.

An artist who travels to nuclear exclusion zones to create art based on the readings of her Geiger counter (Stanislava Pinchuk), an award-winning photographer travels to Afghanistan to spectacularly document a rudimental skiing movement (Andrew Quilty), and the art director (David Correll) of a cult record label (Sacred Bones) who was kind enough to grant us an audience and guest design a cover (Snakes!), are but three of the characters of intrigue gracing our hallowed pages.

David Correll/Sacred Bones

As if three heavy hitters from vastly different spheres of the creative world wasn’t enough, we’ve also explored the extrodinary Pan X work of skate photographer Jake Darwen, hit the road to Cuba with legendary photographer Jonathan Mehring, Palestine with skateboarder and activist Daniel Zvereff, and checked in with the regular gaggle of degenerates that make up the incurable strain that is Monster Children.

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The Tote

It’s hard to avoid the low-hanging fruit when it comes to shooting our wares so excuse the gratuitous butt shot. The bag in question however, is more than useful—beaching, organic vegetable shopping , carrying crowbars—and the only way that you can get one is by subscribing to the magazine. Four issues a year to the door and a natty bag for less than $50 skins? You can’t say that we don’t look after you.

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