Max Doyle and his Scrapbooks

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Max Doyle‘s resume includes photographer, director, musician, and publisher of the iconic fashion and culture focused doingbird.

Alongside good friend and creative director Malcom Watt, he’s just guest edited an issue of Oyster too. Max is good at everything, no half-arsed efforts from this bloke.

25 years back, Doyle followed his wife to London and started assisting fellow Kiwi photographer Derek Henderson. It wasn’t long before he went out on his own and from there has never looked back, having worked extensively in London and New York before settling back in Sydney in 99′.

The whole time, Max has been really good at documenting his work through a series a visual diaries. He’s done so in the form of Moleskine books packed front to back with photo prints, polaroids and negatives from both personal and commercial work. He’s filling the 5th such diary as we speak.

A while back I spoke to Max about the possibility of exhibiting some of the best spreads, he sounded enthusiastic enough so we’re doing it. This week infact.

Hell01 (Scrapbook) opens at Mild Manners Gallery in Sydney this Thursday, May 12th from 6-8pm. The exhibition continues until May 21. If you’re not in Sydney, no worries, you can see the works HERE. We’ve also put together a small publication with some of the best spreads, that’ll be available at the gallery.

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