Matthew Griffin’s ‘Unchained Malady’

At this point in your life (your life which is a miracle and a gift so stop fucking around) you’d be well aware of the work of Matthew Griffin, aka Contemporaryary.

If you have no idea who that is, that means you’re not wasting your life scrolling through the great nothingness of Instagram. Good for you. Here’s the skinny: Matthew Griffin is an artist who has for some time been creating humorous videos and memes as art. Remember ‘Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza?’ That was Matthew Griffin. He made that up. ‘I never invented anything,’ he said when I asked if it were true, but I’m pretty sure it was him. He’s just being a modest boy.

Matthew has a show opening tomorrow at Fine Arts, Sydney. It is his second solo show at the gallery and, if the video below is any indication, it’ll be very good and he (we) will be very, very rich off all the minted art-lovers buying the work. Get along!

Matthew Griffin, ‘Unchained Malady’
24 February – 1 April, 2021

Fine Arts, Sydney
23 Hampden Street
Paddington, NSW 2021
Sydney, Australia


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