Forgetting (Most Things), 2018 / Acrylic, oil stick, salt on marine ply 123 x 167 cm

Matt Bromhead’s ‘Longline’ is a Must-See Exhibition

Got plans tonight? Can them, ’cause there’s something better going on.

Sydney artist Matt Bromhead’s exhibition, Longline, opens at Galerie pompom tonight, Wednesday, 27th of June, featuring sculptural works, new large-scale paintings and drawings from his recent stint in France.

According to Matt, “Longline is a rope that runs between the past and now, from which moving sculpture, drawing and painting are strung. The work mimics the fluidity and jibber of each day, and suggests ways to balance and stay afloat.”

Many of the sculptural works are embedded with magnets, making them “kinetic, moving, jibbering things”, while the large-scale paintings are a mix of acrylic, oil stick and salt on marine ply. The drawings have made their pilgrimage from Marnay-sur-Seine, a small village in the north-east of France where Matt was awarded a residency in 2017, all the way home to Sydney.

Like the works you see here? Join the longline. Ding ding.

A Clearer Place, 2018 / Acrylic and oil pastel on marine ply, 70 x 120 cm
Frames, 2018 / Copper, clay, plaster, timber, steel, twine, 42 x 15 x 101 cm
Head in Sand, 2018 / Acrylic, oil stick, salt on marine ply, 122 x 167 cm
A Situation, 2018 / Copper, clay, cork, floss, plaster, timber, 43 x 19 x 111 cm

Matt Bromhead’s Longline exhibition is showing from 27 June – 22 July 2018. Opening night Wednesday 27 June, 6pm-8pm Galerie pompom, 27/39 Abercrombie St, Chippendale NSW.

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