Mary’s Are Opening A Mary’s In Melbourne

We don’t really know how to feel about Mary’s opening their first burger joint in Melbourne next month.

On one hand, we’re stoked for them—their world-class burgs are so popular now, the southerners’ cries to have their own greasy delights have been answered. But on the other hand… Mary’s was our thing. Melbourne gets the nightlife, the latte art and year-round splendid weather, but the Sydney staple was ours, and ours only. But I guess we’re happy to share the joy of a fat Mary’s cheeseburger, creamy mash and gravy, finger-licking fried chicken, and the incredibly decent vegan menu with our fellow countrymen.

Melbourne friends: do yourself a favour and go visit Mary’s at 167 Franklin Street when it opens Monday, 11 November.

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