Marty Baptist is Using Ice as His Canvas

This is a collab we can get behind.

Painter Marty Baptist and photographer Jessie Prince have teamed up for Here Now, a brilliant idea we wish we thought of ourselves. Here’s how it went: Marty painted directly onto melting ice sculptures, leaving Jessie the time-sensitive task of capturing the live-action photographs before the paint and/or ice melted beyond comprehension. The results are a deliciously tactile and fun series of nine artworks, where paint blobs are suspended in mid-air and pools of colour form around the fleeting ice forms.

Referring to the process as a kind of ‘dance’, Marty said that ‘melting ice is tricky to work with, reaching for different coloured paints within the limits of time, getting it down while Jessie is shooting with a perfect mix of decisiveness and chance, fortified in time forever’.

Jessie—who has earnt the title of quickest trigger finger in the Northern Rivers—said that when it came to capturing Marty’s paintings on the ice, giving up control was a must. ‘Their impermanence guided the way we worked, capturing the moment when the ice was intact; the paint remained alive enough to be legible and the colours melted into one another creating a fusion of light and colour frozen in time,’ Jessie said.

Get to the opening night of Here Now at Japan National Unit 7 / 12 Tasman Way, Byron Bay, on the 10th of June from 5 pm. The show will run from 12th – 17th of July from 10 am-4 pm.

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