Martin Scorsese’s Bob Dylan Doc Looks Amazing

The trailer just dropped for Martin Scorsese’s new documentary, Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story, and unsurprisingly, it looks incredible.

Kicking off on October 30, 1975, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, The Rolling Thunder Revue tour brought Dylan to small stages in even smaller towns in a bid to connect more intimately with his audiences. He wanted to ‘play for the people’ and provide a more personal experience for those who usually could only afford the cheap seats in the huge concert halls he typically played.

For the first half of the tour, Dylan took to the stage wearing either a mask or covered in white face paint. The get-up was a homage to Baptiste, the famous 19th-century French mime immortalized in the 1948 film Les Enfants du Paradis. The film inspired Dylan to make Renaldo and Clara, a cubist style piece that was shot before and during The Rolling Thunder Revue tour. In it, Dylan played the character Renaldo, who wore a hat with a flower in it, white face paint (or ‘whiteface’), and a scarf—just like Baptiste. In press interviews for Renaldo and Clara, Dylan often quoted the French poet Arthur Rimbaud by stating ‘I is another’ when explaining his getup.

Like the rest of us, Scorsese is a longtime Bob Dylan fan, having already directed 2005’s No Direction Home. This time round, we pick up about nine years after his ‘retirement’ from touring which he announced after his motorcycle accident in 1966. The upcoming flick—which Netflix has dubbed ‘part documentary, part concert film, part fever dream’—will also feature Dylan’s first on-camera interview in over a decade.

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story is available on Netflix June 12.

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