Man Receives a Heart Transplant From a Pig

Well, that’s it. Science has gone and done the single scariest thing possible.

Stoked they saved a man’s life—he’s probably a very lovely man who leaves his unused parking ticket in the machine and leaves tips for the poor uni student waiters—but dear god, just something about the term genetically modified gives me the shivers. A 57-year-old man by the name of David Bennett (see, he sounds lovely already doesn’t he?) has received the world’s first heart successfully transplanted from a pig. That’s right. A god damn fucking spider pig.

The operation took eight hours to perform, a ground-breaking procedure that created the pulse and pressure within David’s heart to keep it ticking. Scientists are praising the surgery and hope this opens a solution to the organ shortage across the world. This is incredibly monumental given the fact that even human hearts are rejected by the body during transplants—but again, it’s from a fucking pig. The heart transplant comes after another successful transplant of a pig’s kidney to a brain dead person in New York last year.

The first 48 hours after the operation are critical as to whether the body rejects the new heart or not, a test which Bennett has passed. He is now being monitored for infections, which happen to now include those that pigs can get. Nope, that’s not even a joke.

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