The Making of The Growlers’ Dream World

Photos by Steph Hulewicz

2020 roadblocks aren’t stopping our favourite psych rockers The Growlers from churning out the goods.

Off the heels of their recent album release, they gathered together a skeleton crew to create the music video for title track, ‘Dream World’, with a Southern Californian love story that’s part 80s infomercial, part Lars and the Real Girl.

Directed by The Growlers’ long-time creative partner Taylor Bonin and starring frontman Brooks Nielsen, the video imagines an alternate universe where the possibility of love is just around the corner. From Malibu to Hollywood to Chinatown, Nielsen’s character finds companionship in a world without people, except for Heather the Doll (the unusual backdrop of empty LA highways and streets a sure sign of coronavirus lockdown in full effect).

Steph Hulewicz was part of the four-man production crew, capturing the making of ‘Dream World’ as they travelled across LA, documenting the unconventional love affair between Nielsen and the lovely Heather. Check out all the behind the scenes snaps, then go watch the final product up top.

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