Mahalo, Welcome To Duct Tape

You ever tried to Duct-tape a skateboard back together?

It doesn’t work, trust me. I tried it when I was a little kid in the suburbs of Sydney. Fortunately, those days have passed. I am no longer a suburban kid bumming out about a broken skateboard—I’m an adult! And I am, once again, in Hawaii with all my best friends at Vans. Aloha, bitches!

The Triple Crown is going on in Hawaii right now, and Vans is all up in there with a huge presence on the north shore. The Duct Tape events have been travelling around the globe all year, and are typically a longboarding surf competition, but Vans brings out all of their signature riders each year to relax after a year putting their bodies on the line in the streets. So, why not make the most of it and get everyone over to the Banzai Skatepark to roll around with the locals, eat pizza, make art and listen to music?

It’s not a skate demo, so there are no obligations for the pros; this is supposed to be their time to relax, but they can’t help themselves. All the team members that weren’t nursing an injury or a new baby were out there ripping, and watching these dudes tear around a park live definitely reminds you what ‘professional skateboarding’ is.

Check out the snaps from today, and I’ll See ya Thursday, when the surf component of this Duct-taping, mahalo-ing, stoop-drinking, Turtle Bay-resorting, missing pipeline-ing thing goes off.

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