Issue 65

Monster Children Sixty-God-Damn-Five: The 2019 Photo Annual

How we made 65 issues of this thing is beyond us. It’s beyond Neil DeGrasse Tyson—and that guy is smart as shit! Anyway, we did it, it’s beautiful, and it contains features and interviews and stories with… Kate ‘Miss Cactus 2019’ Bellm, Nana ‘Youngest Person on Magnum Ever’ Heitmann, Julian ‘Get Your Own Last Name’ Klincewicz, Quentin ‘Mr Awesome’ de Briey, Nathan ‘Tough-Stamps’ Kostechko, and Slow ‘Slowthai’ Thai among others—plus the winners and runner’s up from the 2019 Photo Competition, aka tomorrow’s photography legends. It’s a rad issue, and if you don’t have it you’re nutty.