Issue 63

I know we say it every issue, but this issue, Monster Children 63: The Travel Issue, is really the best issue we ever did. Ever. It’s even better than the one where what’s his name and the gang went surfing in wherever you call it, or that other issue featuring that dude that did the thing with all the stuff. Seriously, it’s that good! We’ve got Dion Agius in Tasmania, Weyes Blood in Los Angeles, Andrei Bloody Molodkin in Russia, the Rassvet skate team doing Spain, Channel Tres all the way from Compton, Paul Gaarrrrr’s New York, Laura Austin’s guide to LA, Strath Shepard’s guide to Seattle, loads of travel tips, some jokes, references to bodily functions, a sincere apology, and so much stuff, you’ll wonder how we squeezed it all in!