Issue 59

The sixteenth word featured in issue 59 of Monster Children may be diarrhoea—fitting, giving the perils that befall the average traveller—but we promise it’s on the up from there. All the way up to a helicopter ride and road trip across NZ’s most epic locations, then back down to earth to chat two-storey popsicle stick towers with Texas-based design studio LAND, unearth the back story behind Greg Hunt’s photographic ode to skater and friend Jason Dill, compile travel disaster tales so bad you’ll never step foot out of your comfort zone again, find five towns you should (maybe) travel to, learn how to swear with a bona fide Frenchie, and so much more. We’re not one for cheesy travel sentiments, but if there’s ever a motivation to get off your arse and into this big wide world of ours, then the Monster Children Travel Issue is it.

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