Issue 50

For our 50th Issue we featured fifty of the greatest living people on earth, according to us. We dubbed them ‘Heroes’ because that’s what they are–heroes. We admire these fifty people for their courage, their outstanding achievements, their noble qualities, and their willingness to be interviewed for this magazine. Fifty heroes. Actually, only about forty of them are heroes; the rest are total bums, but we had to get them in to make up for all the heroes who pulled out at the last minute because they Googled Monster Children. We’re joking, of course–they’re all heroes, every last one of them! And we’re ever so glad they graced our 50th issue with their presence.

Featured heroes include: Film legend David Lynch, Bad Seed Warren Ellis, Fugazi’s Ian MacKaye, photographer Mario Sorrenti, some surfers, some skaters, a reasonably large selection of females, and a bunch of kids you probably never even heard of! All this and more in Monster Children 50.