Issue 43

Mike D of the Beastie Boys is the guest editor of the upcoming Monster Children #43, out June 16!

Whoa. One of the members of the group responsible for one of the best selling rap records of all time made a magazine with us. No big deal. Who are you kidding? Huge deal! The long list of artists from the music, surf, skate, film and art world whom Mike D has brought on board for #43 just adds further blow to the mind; including Spike Jonze, Method Man, Ryan Sheckler, Dustin Yellin, Sage Vaughn, Rob Machado, and Rodney Mullen to name but a few. To launch this rocket ship of an issue, we’re throwing parties in New York, Sydney and Japan. We’re also selling a limited edition box set full of collabs all curated and designed by Mike D. The whole thing is kind of like one big middle finger to anyone who thought they were doing something awesome this summer. Maybe push back your press release a couple years once the smoke from this explosion has cleared.