Issue 40

It’s no secret that Monster Children is the best magazine in the world, but did you know that issue 40 is the best issue of the best magazine in the world?

It is! In it you will find an amazing surf story shot by the amazing Hedi Slimane, an interview with guitarist and legend Matt Sweeney, a chat with the stunning Jessica Hart that was photographed by the very talented Mike Piscitelli (who can not only shoot an amazing photo, but can also survive in the wilderness alone and has a very stunning girlfriend that we’re going to meet at lunch tomorrow),  a trip to Seattle for Sub Pop’s Silver jubilee, a chin-wag with Kevin Terpening about rolling around on a piece of wood for a living, Bryan Ray Turcotte shows us his outrageously extensive collection of punk ephemera, and Matilda Price does her laundry. It’s the best issue yet.