Issue 36

Beat me with a led pipe and call me Louise, Monster Children #36 is amazing!

In this issue you’ll find: an interview with five-time world women’s surf champion Stephanie Gilmore! A nice cup of tea and a chat with scruffy skate-rat Daniel Lutheran! A sizzling 3 oz. porterhouse steak with designer extraordinaire Neil Kellerhouse! A bowl of steaming crawdaddies and a coke with director Glendyn Ivin! An arm-wrestle, some vegan lasagna, and a bag of Skittles with graphic artist Todd Francis! There’re also some wise words from Mike Watt! Dave Carnie waffles on about wine! And, as usual, you’ll find some boobs on page 33! Don’t just sit there! Get your butt down the store and give us your money! Exclamation mark!