Issue 35

In Monster Children #35 we have: An interview with one of our all-time favorite dudes, Mr. Ari Marcopoulos! A huge skate/surf adventure story, featuring six of the world’s top skaters/surfers! Another brand new column: ‘Plonk, with Dave Carnie’! We talk with a man who is honest-to-god walking around the world, the indefatigable Mr. Karl Bushby! The hilarious Chris Flynn reviews another classic novel! Yours truly boards a cruise liner and sails to the Caribbean for the worst time of his life, and Page 33 is scratch and sniff (spoiler: she smells like paper. Pfft)! All that and a whole bunch of other amazing stuff for you to flip through, put down, pick back up, put down again, pick up again and eventually read.
Please enjoy Monster Children #35.