Issue 33

Monster Children Issue 33 is sitting in your local shop today so go out and get one for yourself and your mum/mom (depending on where you are in the world). In 33 we send the new Editor-In-Chief, Jason Crombie, in search of the illusive Chad Muska, while our man in London, Zac Bayly, manages to hunt down the just as illusive Jamie Hewlett and Anton Corbijn, our cover stars of Issue 33. Photographer, Pat Graham, was kind enough to let us run some pages from his amazing book, Instrument, with behind the scenes stories of the affection musicians have for their instruments of choice. Kurt Cobain, Ian Curtis and Ian Mac Kaye are just some of the influential musicians we have covered in this feature. Henry Rollins explains how to survive capitalism, Aaron Rose introduces the work of Gia Coppola, Andy Jenkins will leave you hanging and Vaughan Deadly gets deep with a love story that broke his balls. All this, more, and a set of tits and ass that only a higher power could have sculpted. ON SALE NOW.