Issue 31

That there image is none other than Dennis Hopper on the set of Apocalypse Now, Pagsanjan, Philippines – 1976 – by Mary Ellen Mark. Cover 1 of 2 – Issue 31 – Monster Children Magazine. We’ve rightly dedicated 15 pages to one of the biggest proponents of contemporary art and photography in this issue. It’s been a while since we’ve done such a large feature, but a man of this significance deserves the page space. As well as all the incredible photography, adjoining stories from the man himself plus Andy Warhol, Tony Shafrazi and Aaron Rose sit within this feature in Issue 31. We talk to seminal designer David Carson, about collaboration, the past, the future and surfing. We take a surf trip to Morocco with an eclectic bunch – Knost and Kopps, Thomas Campbell, Dan Malloy, Craig Anderson and Ryan Burch. Alex Olson gets his whine on, we take a tour through American malls circa 1989, talk to Justin Townes-Earle about crack addiction and being the son of Steve Earle, and give you all the usual tits and bits n’ pieces. GO BUY 7 NOW.