Issue 28

Meet Suzy, the new editor of Monster Children. She had the reigns with Monster Children issue 28 and created a pretty sweet issue. Suzy got her long time pal Jamie Brisick to bring together an amazing story on the elusive but forever influential artist Raymond Pettibon. Stylish Viking skateboarder Arto Saari shares with us some intimate photos he’s captured on the road, while we delve in to the world of seminal designer and artist from West Australia Deanne Cheuk. Jason Crombie hunts down shark’s for us in Montauk, New York and we get a behind the scenes look of the Adidas Skate and Create creative execution. All this plus a crossword, an interview with Suzy, a story about when it is OK to kill animals and did we mention a bloody great bottle opener we did with our mates at Corona? Go buy eight!