Mac DeMarco and Kerwin Frost Interview Tex Crick

When we first heard Live in New York City, the debut album from Aussie musician Tex Crick, we wanted to know more.

So, we asked Mr Mac DeMarco himself to do the interview. Aside from being a friend and collaborator, Tex also happens to be the very first artist signed to Mac’s Record Label—and what a first release it is, written during Tex’s time in the Big Apple while he was learning to tune and repair pianos from an old Steinway technician.

The interview you’re about to watch has been neatly packaged together from a brilliantly chaotic video interview: Mac and everyone’s favourite Kerwin Frost jump on the line from LA, Tex joins from Tokyo, Kerwin orders Thai food, frogs are let out of brown paper bags, and most importantly, we get to know the man of the moment, Tex Crick. We hope you enjoy the interview—we know we did.

Listen to Live in New York City here on Spotify.

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