Luke Taaffe & Ozzy Wrong (Wright) Tonight

Art and surfing go together like Milo and vanilla ice cream.

It’s like you’ve got something really good already (the ice cream), but how can you make it better? You sprinkle an inch-thick layer of Milo on top. I can use this distinctly Australian (and pretty tenuous, if we’re being honest) analogy here because we’re talking about something happening in the heart—nay—the cradle of Australian surfing: an art show in Torquay. And not just any art show, this is an exhibition of works by Luke Taaffe and Ozzy Wrong. The show is called Locked In Paradise and opens tonight at Fine Thanks, a gallery located at 27 Baines Cres, Torquay, Victoria. Is Torquay the cradle of Australian surf? I dunno, but it is where Bodhi died chasing the ultimate stoke, brah, so get along to the show. Vaya con Dios.


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