Lucky 7’s: Noah Mahieu

Noah Mahieu left Hossegor for LA a couple of months ago and blew everyone’s mind. He casually destroyed a bunch of local spots and walked with a full video part within just a couple of weeks.

Hanging with him and his friends Tim Debauche and Ruben Delisle was like breathing in a big breath of fresh air. Skating around LA year after year can get a little stale, but these guys came in with a fresh set of eyes and the best kind of attitude. It was an absolute pleasure getting out with them whenever I could, and I was really stoked to walk away with all these photos and a couple of new nephews (yes, I am very happy to share that I named his video part. I am proud Uncle Andrew)… I look forward to many more good times with these dudes and watching them keep turning heads in the world of skateboarding, they deserve it all.

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