Love Stinks: A Valentines Day Playlist

When the email went out to Monster Children HQ for our LOVE STINKS playlist, the responses were record-breaking.

Never have the songs come flooding in at such breakneck speed, which means one of two things: our co-workers are eternal sad sacks (likely), or some of the best music ever written has spawned from soul-crushing, heart liquefying breakups (even more likely).

Whether you’re a recovering love addict, a lost soul—swimming in a fishbowl, of course—or a blissfully happy better half who just likes good songs about bad breakups, check out our LOVE STINKS playlist. Needless to say, on it you’ll find such cheery tracks as ‘I Want to be Alone’, ‘Love Will tear Us Apart’, ‘Wish I Didn’t Miss You’, and of course, ‘Love Stinks’. Happy wallowing!

Get a whiff of LOVE STINKS here.

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