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Love & Hate With spiderxdeath

Despite the vibe his name gives off, Australian tattoo artist spiderxdeath is a Lover with a capital L.

He loves his ol’ lady, he loves tattooing, he loves cutting albums at Winter Garden Records, and he loves his friends and gummy worms too. But what does he hate? Not a lot. Just the police. He thinks they’re a bit much. We at Monster Children, however, think cops are tops and we’ve got the bumper stickers to prove it. Sure, they’re always there when you decide to jaywalk but nowhere to be seen when your home is being burglarized by ice addicts, but we think they’re A-okay! We also think spiderxdeath is okay too. Why can’t we all just get along?


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Things that I hate… I hate cops so fucking much. I hate their fucking uniforms, their faces. They don’t protect us. They don’t protect you and me. They protect the leaders of this land. All these laws and bullshit is only there to protect them. They’re just puppets of a racist system.

I really love tattooing so much. Ever since I was a young boy, I was always intrigued about what makes a good tattoo, how are they made, who has them, why do they have them? Then I was lucky enough to score an apprenticeship and from there, after years and years of doing it, I was able to travel around the world—Europe, Japan, America—and I feel very privileged to be able to do this.

I really love drawing and painting. If I’m not making something at home, I just get super depressed. It’s the only thing that keeps me going in life. I feel like I could die tomorrow, so I always want to finish what I start.

I also love cutting records. I have a record lair at home, and I cut all my own records. While I’m doing it, I fucking hate it, but if I’m not doing it, I love it. It’s sort of like an extension of myself, and it’s something that brings me zen.

I love putting out records for local bands and making limited releases with crazy covers filled with garbage and shit.

I love candy so much. I love white chocolate, gummy worms, potato chips, cake, all that bullshit. I cannot stop eating junk food.

What I really love the most is watching trashy TV with the missus at the end of the day and just laughing at the stupid celebrities and their stupid fucking problems. They have too much fucking money. It’s ridiculous.

Another thing I love is going to punk shows and seeing everyone just go fucking crazy and make music out of nothing. Always unended talent in true punk style.

What I love is seeing all my buddies in Sydney at China Heights, having barbecues at my house in Carlton, and just sitting around and talking shit. Love that shit.

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