Love & Hate with Olan Prenatt

In the film Mid90s, actor Olan Prenatt plays the role of ‘Fuckshit,’ a reckless LA skate kid with a penchant for playing up.

This was Olan’s first role as an actor, but definitely not his first brush with skateboarding.  For a few years now, the 22-year-old has been pushing around the world with Nike, Arbor Skateboards, Autobahn, DTA, Jessup, Orion Trucks, SkateSauce, and Odd Future’s skate team, Illegal Civilisation. Besides being a certified ripper, Olan is also in possession of an impressive head of hair, good bone structure and a sense of style that has seen him land modelling gigs with brands like Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, and Versace. Basically, he’s got it all and he’s living the dream. But what does he love and what does he hate? We asked him, but he only listed things he loved, which is probably a big part of the reason he’s got it goin’ on.

1. I like bike rides. Bike rides get you really in tune with nature, ya feel me? I love being in contact with nature as opposed to technology, and just being aware of living.

2. I love looking at the stars at night. That’s another activity that gets me in contact with nature.

3. I love the ocean. There are no buildings, no lights, no nothing. You just see water. Nature. Earth.

4. I love tie-dyeing. I tie-dye all the damn time. It’s super sick to throw a whole lot of ink on a fabric, then wash it out and it comes out so damn cool and perfect.


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5. I love green. It’s my colour. Olive, more specifically. That’s what colour my eyes are.

6. I love the sun. I hate staying in the house all day. Let alone staying in the house, period.

7. I love making beats. Since high school, I’ve been making beats on this computer software called FruityLoops. Yeah, that’s something I like to do. It helps my mind stimulate. Speaking about stimulation, I love writing in my notepad. Either writing words, ideas or just drawing for three hours straight. Just feeling hella inspired and creative.

8. I love motivational conversations. They could be about anything, but to jog that creativity in my mind is something I fiend for, for sure.


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9. Let’s see… What else? I love skateboarding.

10. What is the tenth thing that I love? Oh! I love hiking boots. Hiking boots are just, like, beautifully structured footwear. It’s the coolest thing. When they have the little rubber toe caps, like, the real tech hike boots and stuff. Timberland makes a GOAT one, it’s got a real narrow triangular toe. I forgot the name of it, I wish I knew. But yeah ten, I love hiking boots. And flannys.

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